Our History

The Fabian Cartoon

The original cartoon for the “Fabian Window”, a design commisioned by George Bernard Shaw in 1910, was given to William Morris by Jean Howson in January 1954 in memory of Emily and her daughter Caroline Townshend.

The window was created to celebrate the founding of the Fabian Society and shows fellow Society members Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw, H G Wells and E R Pease, among others, helping to build “The New World”. The actual window was produced at the Morris Works at Merton Abbey Mills and is now on display in the library of the London School of Economics.

The Windows

In 1931, Emily Townshend, a former suffragette who lived in Wimbledon, presented the stained glass windows to William Morris House.  The windows, produced at the William Morris Works, had been given earlier to her husband by William Morris and were designed by Burne-Jones.

The George Bernard Shaw Photograph

In 1930, George Bernard Shaw sent a signed photograph of himself to be hung in William Morris House with the inscription:

William Morris and I preached the Gospel of Labour together on many occasions.  Many respectable persons thought we deserved hanging.  I am proud to hang in a hall dedicated to him.

Photograph of William Morris taken by Emery Walker and donated to the House, by May Morris (letter below)